The ONLY Gymnastics Strength Training class in Los Angeles

Gymnasts are without a doubt the strongest athletes, pound for pound, incorporating explosive strength, muscle endurance, stability, flexibility, and agility.  With TGM, you can access these body and mind-altering skills while having fun in a welcoming, community setting.

The goals of the program are to build proper movement patterns with primarily bodyweight conditioning and mobility, learn movements from the core to extremity, and acquire gymnastics skills with proper emphasis on technique, body shaping, foundational strength, and progression.

Each class incorporates a quality warmup, foundational and skill rotations performed circuit-style, and a cool-down stretch at the end. Read more about what we do in class here!

TGM is perfect for all levels and all ages over 13 as these movements are fundamental and essential to ALL humans, and can all be scaled as necessary.  Classes are organized by levels, with levels 1-2 grouped together, and 3-4 grouped together. Everyone begins with level 1 until they have mastered all skill and strength goals in that level, as determined by the coach. 

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To read more about the benefits of TGM, click here.