Class starts with a warmup (7-10 minutes)

Warmups will warm the body, stabilize joints, prepare students for what they'll be doing later in class. Usually we'll do movements across the floor, ranging from running, jumping, kicking, and lunging, to dynamic stretches and balances. 

Fundamental drills (7-10 minutes)

Fundamental drills are usually holds or basic movements that ALL gymnasts should do on a regular basis. This can range from hollow holds, pushup holds or variations, jumping drills, ring holds, etc. 

Skill sets (20-25 minutes)

Skill sets are usually done circuit style, and combine 2-4 strength drills or gymnastics skills that students do at their own pace. These sets are working towards their level specific skill and strength goals. For example, Level 1 skill and strength goals include:

Level 1 Strength Goals:


Hollow Hold :30


Support Hold on Rings :10

Level 1 Skill Goals:

Handstand at wall


Front Roll

Back roll

These strength and skill goals will require quite a bit of work for most people. To move up to level 2, students must master level 1 first. To acquire these skills, students will be working on solidifying their hollow body, working on their active hangs, candlesticks/posterior strength, lat and bicep strength, thoracic and shoulder mobility and strength, pulling and pushing strength, and MUCH MORE. 

Stretch/Cool Down (5-10 Minutes)

Because flexibility and mobility are key components to most gymnastics skills (not to mention, your life), we spend time focusing on this at the end of class when our muscles are warm. 



1. No Cell Phones. Remain present for an hour! 

2. Support your fellow gymnasts. We are all at different levels of fitness. Every accomplishment is an important one!

3. ASK US: If you are unable to do something, or you need to clarify something, or you don't understand. The more questions the better!

4. Technique trumps all. If you can throw a janky backflip but can't hold a hollow body, we're not interested. Let go of your ego and let's start from the beginning. While our goals DO include some gymnastics skills, we're interested in fitness and proper movement, not making a Level 5 All Star Cheer Team (though there's nothing wrong with that- it's just not what we do)!

5.  Try, and try hard. We do not tolerate the word "can't." Nobody ever won a gold medal without putting in real, positive effort.