Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Whether you're dealing with old injuries from exercise, sports, life, or training to compete in another sport, gymnastics conditioning is ESSENTIAL to your health.

Because gymnastics strength training is rooted in FUNDAMENTAL movement and is CORE-centric, it is extremely safe and beneficial to protecting the spine, the joints, and building stabilizing muscles around your bones. 

In addition to strengthening the core, The Gymnast Method works on balance, muscle endurance, spinal rotation, lateral movement, and posterior strength, all elements you'd find recommended and taught by physical therapists. 

We also encourage a surplus of mobility- more mobility than is actually necessary for some traditional elements in gymnastics and weightlifting, so that when things DO go wrong outside of class, your body is equipped to handle compromised positions.

There's a reason gymnasts have better movement patterns than most humans, and it's from doing proper conditioning like in The Gymnast Method. 

Weight Loss and Management

Many people starting exercise routines are focused on weight loss or maintenance. TGM is a great way to target these goals. As we age, we lose muscle mass, and as a result, our metabolism slows. Building muscle and getting stronger are important tools to get our metabolism back on track. With the bodyweight multi-joint movements we perform in TGM, we enough create long, balanced muscles to bring our muscle mass and metabolism back to their prime.

Mental Strength and FUN

Let's face it- we want an exercise routine that keeps us coming back motivated and having fun. That way we'll stick to it. This is a HUGE goal of TGM! Working out with friends is way more fun than working out alone; so, while we always have 1-2 coaches checking technique and individualizing workouts, we also work hard to create a gymnast COMMUNITY to encourage a happy and healthy environment.

We also work hard at TGM! Working on skills that are challenging is a great way to induce flow, forces you to focus on the moment, and gives us non-aesthetic goals to work towards- which we believe is a recipe for happiness.